Story starts out in the cold scenic Midwest. The founding member got his first guitar when he was 9 years old. While traveling to southern Florida, had heard reggae music for the first time and noticed it was much different than the common music on the radio at the time. It was so calming and peaceful and positive. Something that was missing from everything else. Though it wasn’t something he learned to play right away it was something that would stick with him, later helping shape his sound. After playing for many years undecided of which way to go. One day it was certain. 

Fast forward toward present; For years I had played with other bands, and learned many new things, and met great people around the country along the way. Something was still missing. One day after I gained sobriety I knew what I was supposed to do. I’ve been working hard ever since building up this message of love and positivity to share with each and every one of you. Just like I found solace in Marleys music, I hope you will find it in ours. 

Fortunate to have the best timekeeper for the job. After I had met long time veteran on the drums I knew we would be in for a special performance. We are currently in the studio wrapping up the debut album. We are currently playing in Michigan and working on expanding dates to include everywhere in north America ASAP. There is a backlog of songs so large I can’t wait to share them with you! Jah Say it gonna be a good day! One love come all, let’s have a ball. Don’t forget to dance!


Daneja Eli - Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass

Ben Anderson - Drums and Percussion