1/24/2020 Debut Album is Live

Stoked our album is released! Thank you GOD. I have uploaded all the songs to the website so you can hear them for free :) Of course they are now available on all major media outlets. We think you will…


1/16/20 New Release Inner Peace

Tonight at Midnight our full length album will be released. 1-17-2020 We are beyond stoked for everyone to be able to hear it! We've worked hard to get it to sound great. The only thing really lacking were back up…

12/23 Pre Order is open on Itunes

You can now preorder our album on Itunes! We're happy that's it's live. Check it out today! https://music.apple.com/us/album/inner-peace/1491564116


12/17 Pre-Save our new Release INNER PEACE

Been a busy long 2 months dealing with marketing and promotions. It takes a lot of work and patience. Happy with the release of the single but it is time. We are excited to release our new full length album…


10/23 single ready for release

I've got the first single mastered and the artwork ready. The single for Devotion will be released friday! Super excited for this to finally happen. 


-Daneja Eli


10/11 weeks on weeks grindin

The days have been blurring together from the last 2 weeks. We've been busy taking down the garden for harvest. The greenthumb anthem strikes again! 8-10 hour daily spent grinding it out. It's nice when you see all your work…


9/26 mixes and cd's

Went back through each of the 11 songs from the album. It takes a lot of hours and a good set of ears to perfect the sound. It's good to have some second ear assistants listening to playback also. It's…


9/24 Masters

Over the weekend got a chance to work on the first round of mastering on the album. Finally got to make some CD copies to listen to on different devices. I also picked up a Gibson Les Paul, I was…


9/10 college and mixing

Happy to hear my daughter has been accepted to her first choice college for the Music Program at Central Michigan University! Way to go team! Also we've gotten some more mixing done. This album is turning out better than I…


9/7 back to studio

Back in the studio finishing up some rhythm guitar and post production mixing. The album is coming along nicely. 2 weeks ago we finished off the percussion. I'll upload a preview soon! Stay tuned

Daneja Eli 


9/4 dentist metronome

Bummer out at the dentist today. They screwed a filling up and it is painful and sensitive to cold. So I'm back trying to get it fixed. Wish me luck and doc good works. Daughter's first day of school went…


9/1 daughters birthday

Hard to believe my daughter is 17 now and a senior in high school. I'm happy she is happy with what she is doing in music. She is doing wonderful on the saxaphone. So proud! Way to be Lyssa Jayne